A Twills & B Twills

A Twills

  • It is made by following the weaving process of single weft and double warp.
  • Standard bag size is 44"x26.5"
  • Standard bag weight is 1190 grams
  • Used to pack roughly 100 kilograms of fine grain materials like sugar, cumin seeds, mustard seeds etc.
  • Can be produced with or without colour stripes.
  • Standard packing is 400 pieces per iron bound bale.

B Twills

  • Closely woven jute bags of size 44"x26.5"
  • Standard bag weights are 2.25 lbs. (1020 grams) and 2 lbs. (907 grams)
  • VOT / Food Grade variety is also available
  • Used to pack roughly 90-100 kilograms of a variety of commodities like grains, cashew etc.
  • Standard packing is 300 bags per bale.